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July 13, 2020 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

A student in Greenfield, Monterey, California discovered a 105-year-old Glasgow newspaper in an old wardrobe he was using for salvage wood.

Javier Martinez noticed some paper hidden behind the mirror on the front of the wardrobe. After removing the mirror, he found that the paper was a copy of the Glasgow Citizen dating back to 1915. Javier presumes that the old wardrobe was made in Scotland, but does not know how it came to be in California. It was in a state of bad disrepair and Javier salvaged the wood to make furniture.

He researched the history of the Glasgow Citizen newspaper online. Its offices were located at St Vincent Place in Glasgow, which is now the Citizen restaurant. Javier contacted the owner of the restaurant, Tony Conetta to tell him of his find. Tony said:

“Javier contacted us, not sure if we would be interested or even be the right people to contact. It’s an amazing piece of history and a great story for today.”

The Citizen restaurant has several archived copies of the Glasgow Citizen on display. Tony asked Javier to send him a reproduction of the 105-year-old newspaper to add to his gallery at the restaurant. The newspaper is not in the best of condition, so may not be worth a lot, but it has historical value.

Lancashire antique dealers have fine antique wardrobes, but it is unlikely that any will contain 100-year-old historical items, but you never know what could be behind an antique wardrobe mirror.

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