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December 17, 2011 - Filed under: Antiques News,Antiques on TV — Harriet

While an antique oak pedestal desk may survive the journey to an Antiques Road Show event unscathed, things are less certain for fine porcelain – as collector Alan Bridges discovered to his cost on Sunday night.

The BBC1 show – filmed at Layer Marney Tower in May for transmission on December 4th and 11th – saw resident specialist Lars Tharp value Alan’s £3 boot sale bargain at £2000. However, the 19th century Japanese vase, actually an incense burner, would have been worth £12,000 more – had its owner not accidentally chipped it while wrapping it for the show.

Alan had no way of knowing how much the vase was worth and therefore hadn’t been unduly worried when it was accidentally damaged. He remained philosophical. However, this serves as a timely reminder how important it is to get your antiques valued and insured before packing them for transportation. While the ATR team are well covered for damage that occurs on site, they can accept no liability for that which occurs before or during transit.

The reason viewers in Cumbria won’t see a Victorian mahogany pedestal desk on the Antiques Road Show is down to the problems of getting it there, although one visitor to the 2009 show filmed at Blackpool Tower, Lancashire, did get an antique dining table of impressive dimensions through the door! In general, though, it’s the drawer contents, rather than the actual antique desk, which Cumbria collectors are most likely to bring for valuation – and care needs to be taken.

Whether its an antique vase or a Victorian balloon back dining chair , Cumbrian antique dealers can often value items at home, or at least advise on their safe transportation.

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