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October 19, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

In the Ribble Valley, an antique sewing box might not seem the most likely place to store a lottery ticket, but a lucky Staffordshire couple who did found themselves almost £4m better off.

Debra and David Allsobrook of Burton-on-Trent will be able to afford a few more pieces of antique marquetry furniture since discovering a lottery ticket they kept in a Victorian sewing chest for over a week had scooped them the £3.7m jackpot.

Mr Allsobrook, 48, has been playing the weekly Saturday lottery ever since it started, always using the same six numbers, and like many people dreamed of winning the jackpot – quite literally. On 13th October his dreams were answered, when he popped into his local Co-op and asked them to check the ticket he’d bought the week before. He was told to ring the lottery office as he had “won some cash” and it turned out he had matched all six numbers.

Mr Allsobrook called his wife at work to tell her the good news about the ticket in her antique sewing box, but she didn’t believe him. It wasn’t until Camelot turned up to whisk them off to a press conference at a local golf and country club that it finally sunk in.

Few antique chests yield the good fortune that Debra and David Allsobrook’s did. However, good quality antique chests are a sound financial investment as well as looking beautiful in a home. A good selection of them can be found by visiting a Preston antique dealer.

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