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November 9, 2009 - Filed under: Antiques News,History of Antiques — David

With the demolition of the Berlin Wall and the dismantling generally of the Iron Curtain, and accession countries like Poland now joining the European Union, a whole other side to Europe is now opening up to the West. What makes it all so interesting and personal for Britain are the large numbers of Poles now able to come to this country to work and make Britain their temporary home. Also now we have the opportunity to get to know more about Poland and other accession countries through the media, where before these countries were rarely spoken of and very little was known about their history.

Alex Webber of The Guardian has written an interesting piece on Wroclaw in Poland, regarded as Poland’s spookiest city (perhaps they should link up with Derby mooted to be Britain’s spookiest city). Much of the original city was bombed by the Russians at the end of WWII but it’s medieval past has since been recreated.

As EU cities like Wroclaw emerge from the Cold War, opportunities arise again for travel and cultural exchange and even possibilities to understand their world of antiques. Already Russian silver, cloisonné and jewellery are often seen on the Antiques Roadshow and are being bought back by the Russians at a fierce rate. In all probability Polish antiques, including antique furniture, ceramics and jewellery brought here after WWII are also waiting to be discovered and perhaps repatriated to an eager Polish market.

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