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October 29, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

A collection of rail road memorabilia that was built up by an enthusiast for years has recently been sold at auction.

Wayne Perkins’ fascination with the rail road, along with his collection of trains and memorabilia, began at a very young age. The sale was handled by Yontz Auctions and was held at the Presbyterian Children’s Home of the Highlands in Wytheville, Virginia.

Although Perkins was a pharmacist by trade, he never lost his fascination. He didn’t just collect model trains and other pieces, as he also studied railway history.

Betsy Perkins, his wife, had kept the collection safely in storage for the last few years, but made the decision to let someone else enjoy it. She said her husband discovered items for his collection at various places, including antiques dealers, auctions and train shows.

Included in the sale was an oil can and a spittoon from the Virginian Railway, while music boxes and ornaments with a rail theme were also sold at the auction. Model trains collected by Perkins had already been sold when his wife relocated to a smaller property, along with relevant books and papers.

The sale of an item that conjures up memories of loved ones can be a bittersweet moment, but buying an antique that brings back memories of childhood is certainly pleasing. Books relating to local history – like those belonging to Perkins that held information on rail roads – are often at home in an antique bookcase. Preston in the UK has a selection of furniture items that are suitable to hold antique books and volumes on local history.

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