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September 29, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

If your Lancashire home suddenly becomes cold for no apparent reason or you hear strange noises at night, and you’ve recently bought an antique oak partners desk or Victorian balloon back dining chair , it might not be the plumbing that’s to blame.

When you buy an antique mahogany pedestal desk from a Lancashire antique shop, you do so in the knowledge that at least one of its previous owners is probably no longer with us. According to paranormal researcher Sylvia Browne, such furniture often carries the ‘psychic imprint’ of a previous user, which may not necessarily be a happy one. Sylvia advises spending several minutes to get the ‘feel’ of an antique, before making your purchase.

This is easier said than done if antiques are your business. An antiques mall in Tucson, Arizona, has developed a reputation for being haunted by a variety of ghosts. Originally built as a furniture store, it was converted to an antiques centre following the owner’s death, but it seems he’s still keeping an eye on the place, along with the previous owners of the current stock. Apparitions, muffled voices, moving shadows and other spooky happenings have been reported by both employees and customers, even during daylight hours. Now, a log book has been placed on display where people can record their experiences. They include the ghostly apparition of a little girl, the tapping of an invisible antique typewriter, ‘shadow people’ flitting around the sales floor, and Victorian dining chairs and antique desks being moved by invisible hands.

Antique dealers in Lancashire also have Victorian mahogany partners desks and antique dining chairs for sale – just make sure the previous owners of long ago agree to you having them first.

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