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July 30, 2011 - Filed under: Antique Desks,Victorian Dining Chairs — Harriet

Wingetts Sale Rooms, in Wrexham, are easily accessible from Lancashire, with Victorian dining chairs , antique desks and other fine furniture sold on a bi-monthly basis. Their recent antiques and fine art sale had a number of quality pieces, including a Jacobean antique oak chest (est. £300 – £500) and a George III antique cabinet (est. £800- £1200.) Buyers in Lancashire wanting an antique oak pedestal desk could bid for a fine example in walnut, by Maple & Co .

Wingetts also has a weekly “general” sale, which includes Victorian and Edwardian pieces. However, you’re unlikely to find an antique mahogany partners desk or Preston antique dealer there. As with salerooms in Lancashire, the antique desks and Victorian dining chairs sold in Wrexham are of variable vintage and quality. Antique dealers know that general sales are where the reproduction and Victorian mass-produced pieces will be. In fine furniture auctions, the ratio of bidders is around 80% dealers, 20% public. In the weekly household sales, the numbers are reversed.

A lot of smaller auction houses have one sale, into which everything is put. This is where it’s important to check quality. Many antique desks are “Chippendale style” – but this doesn’t mean Chippendale quality. Look out for overtly ornate factory carving (to hide poor workmanship) and clumsy finishes. With Victorian balloon backed dining chairs , remember Lancashire homes in the 19th century were far more spacious than modern builds. Ergo, reproduction dining chairs are far less generously proportioned than the originals.

The antique desks and Victorian dining chairs that Preston antique dealers buy at auction are invariably chosen wisely. It’s always best to leave decisions like that to the professionals.

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