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December 21, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

A building that started life as a state bank became the home of an accountancy company this year, and its owner, Dennis Hoffbeck, has now spoken to The Redwood Falls Gazette to discuss the renovation.

The Citizens State bank was opened nearly 100 years ago, and the building later became the headquarters for the Redwood Gazette news company for a few decades.

According to an article published by the Gazette earlier this week, when DM Hoffbeck & Associates decided to expand, the premises had to have character, which was reportedly evident at the new building; although the premises have been remodelled, the character of the building has remained intact where possible, with the granite flooring in the lobby being one of the notable new additions.

One of the intentions of Hoffbeck was to provide an office for each accountant to encourage increased confidentiality for clients, and to improve productivity. The offices and the building itself have been furnished with pieces found at sales and auctions held by other old buildings; the majority of wood trim was found at a bank in Lake Lillian, for instance.
Hoffbeck explained that while he wasn’t sure about the building initially, it has since grown on him.

Antique furniture used in the offices of a company will create a professional image, especially chairs and other items. In the UK, accountants and other professionals will discover a range of pieces, including antique cabinets. Cumbria is just one of the locations where people will find reputable dealers willing to help.

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