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May 15, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

A History Channel antiques show is due to pay its first visit to Missouri, in particular to Ozark Mountain Country. The producers of ‘American Pickers’ are seeking people who have lots of items worth picking through in the search for valuable antiques. During the popular series, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travel across America, demonstrating what being at the forefront of the antiques trade is really like.

The duo doesn’t visit antique stores, malls, flea markets or auctions. They are more interested in the old barn with junk which has gathered over a period of many years, or a home which is full of unusual items and treasures. The production team is interested in any items, from classic cars and motorcycles to vintage items and memorabilia. Local residents are invited to inform the production team of anything that may be of interest. The casting associate producer, Anthony Rodriguez, said:

“Our favourite picks feature multiple buildings crammed with lots of cool stuff. We love for our guys to really work for what they find, digging through piles and coming up with treasure.”

The American Pickers will be in Missouri either June or July this year, looking for historical items, local memorabilia or one-of-a-kind items. Although this show is fun for viewers, if you are looking for specific items of antique furniture it is preferable to visit a reputable antiques dealer. For those in the UK, there are dealers that specialise in items including open bookcases. Lancashire is just one location which has established dealers who can help.

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