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The Hidden Treasures Appraisal Event held in Pittsburgh for the sixth consecutive year, was considered to be the most successful yet. The appraisal was recently held at the Heinz History Centre, where 1,500 people queued around the block with their treasures. A spokesman for the Heinz History Centre, Ned Schano, said that this year had been a successful event, with visitors learning the history of their items along with sharing their hopes and disappointments with others there.

One of the highest appraisals of the day was a clock dating back to the 18th Century, valued at $15,000 (£9,700) and a revolver from the mid-18th Century, valued at $12,000 (£7,700). In recent years, there have been other valuable items, including a painting by George Sotter worth $150,000 (£96,000). Schano commented on the number of objects and the quality being brought in for appraisal. Around 40 appraisers were present at the event to look at antiques and family heirlooms brought along to be valued. Some of the items will be chosen to represent the event in 30 minute films to be aired later in the year.

A variety of items were presented to appraisers, including some strange objects. A tyre which had been on the race car of Dale Earnhardt in 1944 was brought forward and valued at up to $1,200 (£770). People who have items of interest can receive accurate valuations from experts at dealers around the country. For instance, collectors and specialists of antique furniture like antique cabinets are available in Cumbria and nearby locations.

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