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A vintage barbershop has been recreated for the Northwest Franklin County Historical Society museum in Hilliard. The antique barber’s chair and other antique items have been donated by David Patch, whose grandfather used to be a barber. The antique chair, mirrors and other equipment had been in storage for the last 50 years.

Tim Woodruff, who is vice president of the Northwest Franklin County Historical Society, worked alongside David Patch to create a replica of a barbershop, using the original equipment to make the display authentic. Over 100 hours were spent on the restoration of one of the barbershop chairs, along with some of the other items. Patch said that he was pleased that the antiques were finally on display at the museum.

According to Patch, his grandfather Ray Patch ran the barbershop during the 1920s and 1930s before closing it and opening a grocery store located in Amlin. The barbershop chair and other items were stored in the basement of his parent’s home until the early 80s. At this time, Patch bought the old barbershop which his grandfather used to run. Eventually, an agreement between Patch and Woodruff resulted in the donation of the antiques and a barbershop display being created.

According to Woodruff, the chair which he restored was made in 1901 by Koken Barbers. There is also a rare child’s chair in the barbershop display. Restoration of antique furniture, like antique dining chairs , is a delicate process and a specified level of knowledge is required, which is why it is advisable to seek a professional.

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