22 Apr 2021
May 4, 2020 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

Brattle Book Shop in Boston, America is closed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The owner of the shop, Ken Gloss has found another income stream, selling personalised Zoom backgrounds.

He noticed that many people are having social and business meetings on the video conferencing platform, Zoom. Some people are practically living in Zoom, playing party games and enjoying pub quizzes with friends.

People often video themselves with the backdrop of a room in their home as the background, but Zoom technology allows you to appear before a looping video so that you appear to be in a different room or location.

Ken Gloss creates bookshelf video loops. Clients tell him the dimensions of the bookshelves they want and the type of books they like. In the next video conference, they use this video to impress friends and colleagues with their collection of precious antique books, first editions or modern expensive art volumes.

This could be a way of making money for Lancashire antique dealers who are closed because of the coronavirus restrictions. They could provide Zoom video backgrounds that make it look as if a person is sitting in a room with inlaid Edwardian furniture or an expensive French ormolu-mounted vitrine.

The only problem with this is after the lockdown when friends visit the actual room which contains no antiques. The way around this is to buy the furniture featured in your Zoom background and have it delivered and installed in your home as the lockdown is being lifted and before the deception is in danger of being discovered.

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