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JoAnne and Tracy Seelbinder, owners of Cody’s Treasures in Rushford, have a range of bottles on display which came from an old pharmacy. The old pharmacy closed down in 1970, and a variety of the pharmaceutical containers were acquired by Tracy Seelbinder, along with shelves from the old pharmacy. Most of these bottles originated in the 1920s and range in size.

Glass containers have been used since the first century, when the Romans stored their pills and medicines. The glass bottles were then adopted in the 1800s for packaging purposes by Americans. The Society for Historical Archaeology believe that glass bottle collecting is a popular hobby as it provides valuable historical information, and provides examples of glass making through the centuries.

Bottles from the 18th century had labels which were written in Latin on the bottle itself. Paper labels came much later in the early 19th century. Many antique bottles are historically significant, or even have a monetary value. Tracy Seelbinder displays bottles in his store that have labels on. He finds it interesting to watch a person’s reaction to an antique labelled bottle. Many will spend time reading the old labels, reliving the past and sharing memories.

Antique furniture also conjures up a variety of memories for different people. A fine antique chair or table may remind someone of years gone by, a memory of long ago. You will discover a range of antique furniture in the UK, from antique tables to Victorian dining chairs in Lancashire or surrounding areas.

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