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November 15, 2011 - Filed under: Antique Beds — David

Mark Bennett from Toowoomba has turned a lifelong obsession with brass beds into a career, with more than 30 beds on display at any one time in his store. Bennett describes the store as a museum where you can also purchase a bed.

The obsession with brass beds started as a hobby, after his mother bought him a brass bed when he was just 13 years of age. However, a fortnight after receiving the bed, which cost $32, he sold it for $500 which saw the start of a blossoming career. He has sold beds made of brass and cast iron which date back as early as 1860 through to 1930s.

With the help of furniture catalogues dated from the turn of the twentieth century, Bennett restores the antique beds back to their former glory. The catalogues were used by country folk who would keep up with the current trends using the brochures. He uses the catalogues as inspiration to create settings appropriate to the era. Although many of the beds are a mixture of brass and cast iron, some of the beds are constructed entirely from brass.

The beds are priced according to the amount of work they need during the restoration process. Very often, collecting antique furniture can become an obsession as interesting items catch your eye. A number of people choose to furnish their homes with antique furniture, like antique cabinets around Lancashire, which will compliment any home. Mr Bennett said of his store:

“It is like a museum, but a museum where you can buy the beds.”

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