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September 25, 2013 - Filed under: History of Antiques — Harriet

An antique movie camera has recently been discovered that is believed to have belonged to the second officer on the Titanic. The item was found among a collection of 300 cameras, purchased for £300 by Roger Lott, an antiques collector aged 67.

Lott had asked a friend to help him sort the collection and he spotted the unusual camera with the name ‘CH Lightoller’ on the case. Charles Herbert Lightoller was on the doomed Titanic as the second officer, as it set off on its first and last voyage in 1912. He was the most senior officer to survive the disaster.

Lightoller’s Pathe “motocamera” dates back to the 1930s and would have cost around £16 to buy, which is the equivalent of about £800 today. The camera has been taken to a specialist who will find out whether there is film still inside. According to Lott, he has received lots of interest in the item – including an offer of £2,500 from a collector of Titanic memorabilia. The British Titanic Society has also shown an interest in the camera, especially with film still inside it.

Lott has confirmed that the camera still works as it should but hasn’t had it valued. He is reportedly trying to trace any relatives of Lightoller so that he can return the antique camera to his family. Antiques have sentimental as well as monetary value, especially items which have been used on a regular basis, like antique furniture. Fine pieces like antique bookcases can still be used by family members, retaining that little bit of family history.

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