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Four photos which have been discovered in an antique camera have intrigued Michala Hulme, a genealogist from Tabley who wants to know the identity of the people in the pictures. Although the item dates back to the 40s, the film inside has been developed to reveal the mystery people.

Michala received the camera from her fiancé Gavin, who decided to present her with the antique treasure for her birthday on Christmas Eve. Once the initial surprise had worn off, Michala was further intrigued when she discovered the old film tucked away inside. Although it was doubtful whether the film could be developed, a company in Didsbury managed to retrieve four photos.

The two men and one woman in the pictures appear to be at a railway station dressed in clothing typical of the 1940s. A timetable in the background of the photo has the words Cardiff, Plymouth and Penzance.

As a genealogist, Michala thought she would be able to trace the family of the people in the photos, to return them to their owners, but so far she has had no luck. She has since issued a plea for help to the public so that she can trace the family.

The appeal of objects from past decades, including antique furniture, is the history that comes with them. Until the owners are traced by Michala, the photos may be displayed in an antique cabinet. Blackburn has a number of reputable dealers who are able to display several pieces, some of which may date back to the 40s.

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