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With large numbers of houses having conservatories these days, an expanding market in conservatory furniture has developed to cater for a variety of tastes in cane and wicker furniture.

Conservatories have been with us for many years though, and over time much in the way of cane and wicker furniture has been made which still exists in good order today. The expansion of the British Empire during Victoria’s reign meant that cane and wicker furniture was being imported from all over the globe. To keep up with demand, British versions of this essentially tropical furniture were being made by Dryads in Leicester. This particular manufacturer concentrated on strength and quality and their generally round back, fully skirted chairs emerged as English classics.

Other early 20th century American examples of wicker furniture also focused on strength and quality rather than exotic Victorian styling and mirrored the Arts and Crafts celebration of the artisan and these pieces sold very well in Britain. Other imports from Austria and Germany were more angular and reflected the growing modern taste but were also well made like the American imports and the home produced Leicester pieces.

Well preserved Edwardian cane and wicker antique furniture can still be found today and many people are choosing to buy antique rather than modern for their conservatories. However, when buying period pieces, you should look out for any evidence of woodworm and weaknesses in the cane and wicker construction although there should be some evidence of wear.

When looking for Edwardian cane and wicker antique dining chairs in Preston or surrounding areas, a reputable antique dealer will be able to advise you.

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