20 Apr 2021
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A brewery manager has paid a record price of £2,250 for two cans of beer that were brewed before the beginning of the Second World War.

Two cans of Felinfoel pale ale are possibly the most expensive cans of beer to be sold. The Felinfoel brewery is a Welsh brewery that still trades. Its current managing director, Philip Lewis bought the cans.

One of the beer cans remains in a good condition whilst the other has a slightly damaged seal which means that the beer inside is probably flat. The cans have crown caps like those on today’s beer bottles

Felinfoel was the first British brewery to can beer. It had a contract with the Ministry of Defence, and when the Second World War started, it shipped many cans of beer to troops serving overseas. Filling cans with beer meant that they would be safer to ship than beer in fragile glass bottles. Like the two cans bought by Phillip Lewis, some cans remained in Britain.

The £2,250 paid for the cans exceeded their estimate of between £1,000 to £1,600 at a London wine sale. On top of the £2,250, there were auction fees to pay. The brewery intends to display the cans at its brewery in Llanelli, in south east Wales. It is not known whether anyone will drink the beer.

Antique beer cans are not the usual items that are sold at Lancashire antique dealers, but you will find antique dining chairs and sofas to sit on whilst you drink recently brewed beer.

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