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January 23, 2015 - Filed under: Antique Chairs — Richard

A newly opened business in Dover, New Hampshire, is offering all of the services that you would have expected to receive from a 1950s barber, including shoe shines and hot towel shaves.

American Josh Hynes recently opened the Best of Times Barber Shop, following the birth of his daughter. The entrepreneur will be working alongside four others who will all be offering 1950s service in a retro-themed shop, complete with antique barber chairs, which have been carefully restored by Hynes.

The barbers will all dress the part, with button-down shirts, vests, and ties. According to Hynes, he had to scour New England to find the antique chairs, as it is not the sort of item that you can just buy from the local store.

Vintage photographs of Dover line the walls, provided by a local photographer, Thom Hindle. During an interview, Hynes stated that he wanted to provide the basics of a traditional barber shop in a family-friendly environment. He reportedly started work on the enterprise with his father Marc. Together, they gutted the store, before building the shoe shine area and benches for waiting from scratch.

Although there are other shops nearby that are in the grooming business, Hynes isn’t concerned about the competition, as he is aiming to provide a good-value service with stylish haircuts.

Antique furniture is the easiest way to transport someone back to a bygone era, especially antique chairs and other similar items. Browsing antique stores for that special piece is becoming increasingly popular, especially for a specific purpose like the barber shop.

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