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The Cheffins Fine Art Sale, which is taking place later today, will feature 17 antique chairs which were previously housed in the Leeds Coloured Cloth Hall.

The antique dining chairs are made of mahogany and date back to 1790. The auction will be held in Cambridge, with the lot’s value estimated between £15,000 and £25,000. The antique Hepplewhite chairs were intended for the hall’s Rotunda, but prior to the hall being demolished they were purchased by Harold Storey.

The Coloured Cloth Hall was built in Leeds in 1758 and resembled a street market, due to its careful design. The antique chairs were originally meant to be used by the trustees of the property who would hold meetings in the Rotunda.

At the height of its popularity, clothiers rented 2,500 stands in the hall. Following the industrial revolution, the demand for use declined and the hall was eventually demolished and replaced by the Post Office.

Harold Storey looked after the estate on behalf of Henry Charles George Lascelles and Princess Mary, his wife and the daughter of Queen Mary. It is believed that Queen Mary went to view the chairs while spending time at her daughter’s home.

Mr Storey has also placed a two-handled cup up for auction, dating back to 1799 and made by John Langlands. Lord and Lady Harewood presented the cup to Harold Storey as a thank you for his hard work during a fire on the estate.

More information about the sale, which starts at around lunchtime, can be found on the official Cheffins website.

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