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June 8, 2012 - Filed under: Antique Cabinets — Richard

An American professor has been reunited with a piece of family history after discovering an antique clock in a Lincolnshire antique shop, made by one of his ancestors.

When Bruce Winterhalder began researching his family history, it took him into a shady world of antique cabinets and Victorian oak pedestal desks . In Lancashire, you can often discover fascinating facts when you begin probing your past. Bruce, an associate dean at the University of California, probed deeper than most, and as a result discovered he was a direct descendent of one of the founders of Winterhalder and Hofmeier, a Black Forest clock-making company who were renowned for their precision-made timepieces.

Bruce eagerly began hunting for something made by them, and discovered the perfect timepiece at a large antiques centre in Lincolnshire – a mahogany clock with an inlaid floral decoration, carrying the precious Winterhalder and Hofmeier signature. However, he didn’t find it by flying all the way from Ohio and ferreting among the Victorian dining chairs and antique chests. As in Preston, the Lincolnshire centre – which sells everything from antique mahogany partners desks to brass microscopes – had a well-developed online site, with everything catalogued so it was easy to find from an online search. Safely shipped to Ohio, it now takes pride of place on the Winterhalder’s mantelpiece.

The affordability of Bruce’s purchase means he’s now looking for three more just like it – one for each of his children. Whether you’re looking for a cuckoo clock in Cumbria or an antique desk in Lancashire, an antique dealer is the best place to go for high quality at a good price.

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