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May 21, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

A sign of a successful day’s antique hunting in the Ribble Valley may be a Victorian oak pedestal desk on the roof rack. However, it was the antique dealer himself who ended up on the car when Pendle resident Mandy McGuigan tried to sell him an oil painting.

Antique dealers don’t only sell Victorian balloon backed dining chairs and antique bookcases; they buy them too. Vendors often find local dealers more profitable than auction houses, where seller’s commission is charged. When purchasing, dealers need to be sure a piece will attract shop customers and make a profit, whether it’s a work of art or an antique chest.

Ribble Valley resident Mandy McGuigan had a limited edition oil painting in her car when she drove to an antique dealer in the Yorkshire Dales, who she thought would be willing to buy it. What should have been an uneventful trip rapidly spiralled out of control, with the dealer in hospital with a broken shoulder and Mandy arrested for GBH and dangerous driving.

The drama unfolded when it proved the shop owner was unwilling to buy the painting. A few minutes later, he heard a loud bang as Mandy McGuigan hit a wall while reversing. He ran outside but was propelled onto the bonnet as Mandy ignored his pleas and sped forward. The police later used the store’s CCTV footage to track her down and carry out an arrest.

If you want to sell something like an antique dining table in Lancashire , head to a local antiques dealer for a more profitable experience.

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