22 Apr 2021
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A new version of the classic BBC television series Lovejoy is planned.

Lovejoy is a series starring Ian McShane as an antiques dealer which originally aired from 1986 to 1994. It is based on the books by Jonathan Gash and Blue Sky Pictures has bought the rights to the novels. It plans to develop a new version of Lovejoy.

The series is a comedy drama that told the adventures of a roguish antiques dealer, Lovejoy, who is an expert at distinguishing genuine antiques from fakes. He visits salerooms, auction halls and stately homes in search of antiques that will make him rich and is caught up in many adventures. Lovejoy often talked directly to the camera to share his thoughts with the audience.

Nick Witkowski of Blue Sky Pictures says:

“We plan to update it for the 21st century for both the millions who followed the original and a whole new generation of viewers.”

Ian McShane has previously stated that he would love to see a revival of the show, but didn’t want to star in the new version. He suggested that the new Lovejoy could be the character’s glamorous blonde daughter.

When Lovejoy was broadcast, it sparked interest in antiques and how dealers find them. Antique dealers have an interesting life acquiring antiques to sell, however, they do not have the weekly adventures similar to those of Lovejoy. They source quality antique chests, chaise longues, sofas, cabinets and more which they sell to antique lovers to enhance their rooms.

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