09 Jul 2020
April 15, 2019 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

Antique dealer, Alexander Archbold bought an almost derelict house in Alberta, Canada that used to belong to a hoarder who had left thousands of items in the house and is set to make hundreds of thousands of dollars from it.

Alexander has created YouTube channel ‘Curiosity Incorporated’ where his “The Potter’s House” videos show him rummaging through the house and unearthing treasures. People watching Alexander’s videos are fascinated to watch him searching through the items to find valuable objects.

The house was bought for $15,000 because of its poor condition and the amount of rubbish inside it. It used to belong to a potter who never threw anything away and was full of bin bags and other rubbish, but amongst the litter were original pottery and antiques.

Amongst the items found in the house are vintage artwork, antique furniture, and a water jug that is over a hundred years old.

Archbold estimates that he will make over $400,000 profit from buying the house, half of that from selling the antiques he finds inside the house and the other half from the sale of the house after it has been cleared. As the contents were being removed from the house, it was found to be in a reasonable condition.

He is also earning money from his YouTube videos that have been seen by over 6.6 million viewers.

If you fill your home with antique cabinets, sofas and chairs, it is doubtful whether showing them off on YouTube videos will make you much money, but you will have the satisfaction of owning beautiful looking antique furniture.

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