07 Mar 2021
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The rosewood tree is on the verge of extinction in some regions of the world and trade in rosewood is being restricted. With fewer items of rosewood furniture being made, consumers can turn to antique dealers to purchase rosewood furniture.

Rosewood is strong, heavy and, when polished, has a beautiful red hue. It is used to make furniture, boats, musical instruments and walking sticks. Demand is high and rosewood has been over forested to the extent that, in some parts of the world, the species faces extinction. Several types of rosewood have been added to an international list of endangered species and this means that trade in rosewood could be limited.

Despite regulations on felling too many rosewood trees, there is an illicit trade in rosewood timber with many areas illegally deforested. In China, rosewood timber was used to make Hongmu furniture for the imperial elite. Hongmu furniture is popular amongst the Chinese middle classes and is still made today.

Modern rosewood furniture is available, but if there are more restrictions on the export of rosewood timber, the furniture could rise in price. However, the sale of antique rosewood furniture has no restrictions on it at present.

At Lancashire dealers, you can purchase antique chests, cabinets, tables and other items made from rosewood for affordable prices. Unless the new restrictions on the rosewood trade saves the tree from extinction, the only place you may be able to purchase rosewood furniture in the future is from antique dealers at high prices.

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