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Irish antique dealers are seeking a VAT tax exemption on the grounds that they are a green business which is good for the environment.

The Irish Antiques Dealers Association (Iada) wants an exemption from charging VAT on the items its members sell because they are green businesses. The organisation claims that an antique chair would have a carbon footprint as much as 16 times lower than one that is newly manufactured.

The Iada is seeking a meeting with Ireland’s finance minister, Pascal Donohoe to present its case for tax exemption. The president of Iada, Paul Brereton said:

“Our goods were sourced between 70 and 300 years ago and have no adverse impact on the planet now. Antiques are central to reuse and recycling campaigns as proven quality, long-lasting products with no impact on resources.”

Removing VAT from antiques could encourage more people to buy antique furniture rather than new. In the UK, provided the sales of an antique dealer is above the VAT threshold, VAT must be added to the price of all antiques sold. The British government has no plans to exempt antiques from VAT sales. Antique books however, like all books, are VAT zero-rated.

You pay VAT on the purchase of an antique wardrobe, sofa, chair and other furniture, but you are saving carbon emissions by not purchasing recently manufactured furniture. If you are concerned about the environment, buying second-hand goods is one way to help. Paul Brereton says that Antique dealers are the ‘original recyclers’.

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