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November 27, 2010 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

Is there a set of Victorian dining chairs in your Preston attic? Are you a Blackburn school with a few antique desks to get rid of? Lancashire is just one of the counties a new antiques show is targeting, in ITV’s answer to Cash in the Attic. The newly commissioned show, Secret Dealers, follows antiques expert Kate Bliss and her team as they search for hidden gems. If they spot something they like the look of, they make an on-the-spot cash offer. With real-life antiques dealers on board, it bears more than a passing resemblance to David Dickenson’s Real Deal, which twice visited Lancashire recently. However, antique desks and other large furniture items are notably absent in shows like this, as the furniture has to somehow be transported to the filming locations. Secret Dealers is actually filmed in people’s homes, opening up the potential immensely.

The show is from the same stable as Real Deal, so it’s not surprising it looks familiar. However, the format is entirely original, focussing on the relationships people have with their possessions. The dealers go through the entire contents of family homes while the owners are out, presenting them with a series of surprise valuations and on-the-spot offers when they return.

From kitchen paraphernalia to Victorian dining chairs, Preston owners will discover nothing is out-of-bounds. The hook is – will they sell, or will sentimental resolve take over?

The team are looking for homes right now, but if you’d rather not have a TV crew and millions of viewers rifling through your drawers, there are antique dealers in Preston who can make equally generous offers on your antique desks and Victorian dining chairs.

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