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October 8, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Harriet

A new series of Antiques Roadshow began on 7th October, and with it a chance for viewers in Lancashire to get closer to the antique chests and other collectibles on display through an interactive game accessed with the buttons on their TV remotes.

The game, which is available to Sky and Freeview customers, has brought a new element of fun to the long-running series, giving viewers an opportunity to guess the worth of other people’s antique cabinets. Ribble Valley residents without interactive handsets could enjoy seeing the objects on screen, while those with the necessary coloured buttons could select which of the four valuations shown matched the one about to be given by the expert. A running score was kept which, at the end, ranked participants as novices, enthusiasts, connoisseurs or experts.

Sunday’s show came from RAF Marham in Norfolk, where two of the most valuable objects were a stunning gold cup and a curious wooden contraption labelled ‘A Gift From Brighton’. A clock kept tally while viewers listened to the description to decide whether it was worth £100, £250 or something a little higher. In fact, it was a rare Regency sewing clamp, valued at £1000.

Next week, Fiona Bruce and the team look inside the antique cabinets of the Ribble Valley’s neighbour, Cheshire, when they visit Port Sunlight. One highlight is sure to be the tearoom, furnished with Victorian dining chairs and with staff in period costume. You can find a good selection of antique dining chairs in Lancashire too, by visiting an antique dealer.

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