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September 28, 2012 - Filed under: Antique Tables — Mark

No-one quite knows when the antique dining table first arrived in the Cheltenham racecourse stewards’ room. However, it is to feature in the new series of Antiques Roadshow, giving punters the chance to have a flutter on what it might be worth, as the answer is being kept a secret until the programme airs.

The table can be seen in the second episode of the 35th series of Antiques Roadshow, which will air on 14th October. It promises to be one of the more substantial items, as the door of the jockeys’ weighing room had to be taken off its hinges for it to be transported. At Cheltenham Town Hall, it underwent a thorough vetting by the Roadshow experts, who were delighted that an antique dining table of this pedigree was still hard at work and hadn’t been put out to grass.

The Town Hall meet, held at the end of April, saw a number of other pieces of furniture brought for appraisal, including several antique chests. However, it was an antique compass which caused particular excitement. Carried by explorer Edward Wilson when he joined Captain Scott on his ill-fated Terra Nova expedition in 1912, it was valued at £150,000. The estimate for the stewards’ room table is a secret, but as it re-entered the room the same way it left, the odds are the valuation lacked a couple of noughts.

You can enjoy a thrilling day at the races by visiting Carlisle, in Cumbria. For antique dining tables , however, just visit an antique dealer in Preston.

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