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An aesthetic movement X-Frame armchair has been sold for £11,000 at an auction in Crewkerne, over 70 times its estimated value of £150.

The chair was designed by Christopher Dresser in around 1880 for the Art Furnishers Alliance, a movement that united several furniture designers whose aim was to provide:

“whatever is necessary to complete artistic furnishing of a house”.

The Art Furnishers Alliance operated a shop in Mayfair, London but the company went into liquidation in 1883.

Furniture sold by the Art Furnishers Alliance was more avant-garde than most furniture at the time, though it was influenced by Egyptian, Greek and Gothic styles. Most of the furniture was made by Thomas Knight of Bath.

When the X-frame armchair was put up for auction it was estimated by the auctioneers to be worth between £100 to £150. Art Furnishers Alliance chairs were not thought to be in high demand, and this chair needed some restoration work. To the surprise of experts, the chair sold for £11,000. In addition, the purchasers had to pay a 22% buyer’s premium.

When searching for antique dining chairs at Lancashire antique dealers, you can find chairs at affordable prices, especially ones that require some restoration. If you can foresee the future, you could find a chair for less than £500 that in a year or two will be worth several thousands of pounds. Most people purchase antique chairs because they look good and have, like the X-frame chair, been made by craftsmen using solid wood.

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