22 Apr 2021
March 23, 2020 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in antique fairs and auctions being cancelled or postponed in the UK and Europe.

Among the events to be suspended include the Chelsea Antiques Fair, and Art and Antiques for Everyone in Birmingham. Phillips Auction House in London has postponed all scheduled sales.

Some antique shops remain open. Antique dealers acquire their stock from various sources including estate sales, auctions, flea markets and individuals who want to sell their antiques. The restriction on people gathering together will reduce an antique dealer’s range of sources, but most Lancashire dealers still have a wide range of antiques for sale.

Antique dealers are hoping that things will be back to normal by the end of April or May 2020, but there is a lot of uncertainty about when the coronavirus crisis will be over.

Unlike essential items, there is no panic buying of antiques, though a picture was posted online of a sign in the window of an antique shop in Wanstead, London which announced it had run out of Victorian Toilet Rolls and Edwardian Hand Sanitisers.

Some Lancashire antique dealers may close their physical shops during this time, but most have a website with images of their current stock. If a shop is closed, or you are in isolation and cannot visit it, call the dealer to discuss your interest in an antique desk, sofa, chest or other items.

During this time of crisis, antique buying may not be a priority, but this does not mean that you should deny yourself the pleasure of owning fine antique furniture.

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