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January 11, 2016 - Filed under: Antique Toys — Richard

An antique teddy bear left at Bristol Airport in 2012, has been sold at auction after being reunited with its owner.

The bear had been found in the departure lounge of the airport, in a carrier bag together with a photograph depicting two children. The photo back held a message dated 1918, saying:

“With dearest love and kisses to our darling Daddie from your loving little daughters Dora and Glyn.”

Airport staff worked tirelessly to trace the owner of the antique bear, looking through the passenger records to find anyone of the same name who recently travelled. A public appeal was eventually launched, and the owner came forward. Robert Baker had been travelling to Cyprus and believed he had lost the teddy bear during transit. He was astounded to find that the story of the teddy bear’s discovery had featured on the front cover of the Mature Times. According to Baker, he had been a little tough on the bear while growing up, resulting in a new nose for the toy along with padding on the arms.

The bear was sold for £2,200 at auction recently, despite the damage. According to a specialist in teddy bears, Daniel Agnew, the bear had greater value due to the accompanying photo, its history and the story of being lost at the airport.

Antiques with a detailed history can often be discovered at local antiques dealers, especially furniture like antique sofas or toys which can be passed through generations.

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