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June 20, 2011 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

The annual Southwest Virginia Antique Farm Days festival has recently taken place at the Franklin County recreational park. The Southwest Virginia Antique Farm Days club started with a sawmill dating back to the 1920’s, around six years ago. The club displays a collection of tractors and steam engines dating from the 19th century, all housed under three shelters which were constructed by members of the club using wood from the original sawmill.

The equipment on display at the recent eighth festival included antique farming equipment, used to give displays of corn grinding, rock crushing and threshing and baling as it used to be performed by past generations. The engine that powered the Exchange Mill in Franklin county was also fired up five times each day over the weekend. The Fairbanks Morse engine dating back to 1923, powered the mill until its breakdown in 1958, when it was consigned to the junk yard for over 40 years. The engine has been lovingly restored back to its former glory and is now being used for demonstrations.

Antique farming equipment is often donated to the club but has to fulfil certain criteria to be accepted. The equipment has to be part of the history of agriculture around the early 1900’s and be connected to Franklin county.

Antique lovers in the Preston area may not have much use for antique farming equipment. However, there are plenty of reputable antique dealers who can offer antique desks or chairs which will be attractive additions to your home.

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