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August 3, 2010 - Filed under: Antiques News,Auctions — David

This is just the type of news to bring a smile to most people’s faces, especially if they are about to retire. An article posted in the Daily Mirror recently by Richard Smith reported a fabulous ‘find’ by a couple who had called in an antiques expert to value pieces in their home. Items put forward for valuation included two Oriental vases given to them at their wedding 45 years ago by the groom’s father. The vases which were family heirlooms had remained in the couple’s house and no-one knew the value of the pieces until the expert was called in and identified them as 18th century Qianlong. The pieces went to auction and sold for £500,000.

Guy Schwinge, the auctioneer said that Qianlong was becoming the ‘new Ming’ and that there was a ready market for these rare Chinese ceramics. Needless to say, the former owners of the vases were delighted and were already planning a good holiday.

Finds like this are becoming increasingly frequent and should send us all scurrying to the attic to look through boxes of inherited and accumulated treasure and bric-a-brac. There is certainly a trend these days for people to sell rather than pass on heirlooms to a younger generation that are only interested in new rather than old. Certainly programmes such as Flog It! would substantiate this. Also people are generally becoming more aware of the value of antiques and a family heirloom could provide a comfortable retirement rather than just another unwanted piece of family history to pass on.

If you are planning to sell Granny’s antique desk, Lancashire and Preston dealers will be pleased to appraise any items that you have.

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