22 Apr 2021
March 16, 2020 - Filed under: Antiques Advice — Harriet

Roddy Clarke, writing for the Home & Property section of Microsoft News this month, recommends buying antiques for stylish, eco-friendly interiors.

Clarke’s philosophy is to buy less homeware but of better quality, and suggests purchasing items made from natural materials like wood, ceramics and natural textiles.

Instead of buying cheap furniture that needs replacing after a few years, Clarke recommends buying more expensive, but long-lasting furniture. Antique furniture is eco-friendly in that it is usually made from natural solid wood by skilled craftspeople. Good quality antique furniture is made to last – a piece made a hundred years ago may last for another hundred years or more.

Although antique furniture comes with a price tag, items with minor damage may be cheaper, and they can be restored for little cost among those with DIY skills, which can be learned online or by taking workshops. Alternately, a professional furniture restorer can be hired.

Clarke says that people should feel comfortable in a home that suits their style rather than follow trends. If inlaid Edwardian furniture or French ormolu mounted cabinets are too ornate, vintage ‘50s and ‘60s furniture may be more the style of some homeowners.

Lancashire antique dealers have a wide range of antique furniture for sale dating from various periods and in a wide variety of styles. Buying quality antique furniture from them may not halt global warming, but a sustainable living approach by many individuals makes a positive difference to the planet.

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