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October 14, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques Advice — Harriet

The US-based Middlesex County Historical Society will soon welcome an expert of antique furniture. Peter Gedrys will present ‘Furniture Finishes, Past and Present’ to guests at a venue in Middletown, Ohio.

The subject of antique furniture will be discussed at length, with a talk about the finishes from the 18th Century to modern day furniture.

According to Gedrys, the term “original finish” is overused and he is about to throw light on the term. Secrets of the furniture making trade – both modern day and in the past – will be explained in detail by Gedrys. He will discuss the materials used in past methods of furniture making, as well as the tools and techniques used to actually make the furniture.

The same explanation will be given for modern day furniture manufacturing.

There are many myths surrounding antique furniture and they have been exaggerated over the years – something which Gedrys plans to shed light on.

Peter Gedrys restores furniture and has been in the trade for decades. One of his areas of expertise is antique furniture and artefacts from Europe and the US spanning 400 years.

Members of the society will be able to attend the talk – which is scheduled for 22nd October – for $4, while non-members will be charged $5. The presentation will help anyone who is keen to learn more about how furniture – including antique cabinets – is made. For those in the UK who are interested in learning more, there are a number of reputable antique dealers in the Lancashire area who are happy to help clients.

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