22 Apr 2021
November 9, 2020 - Filed under: Antique Furniture — Harriet

The website Houzz has identified the home design trends for 2021, and rooms with antique furniture feature in the list.

Houzz researched design trends by looking at the designs posted by its 2.5 million users on its website. This provided a view of what to expect for home trends in 2021.

A popular trend is titled “luxury vintage”. Households concerned about the environment and climate change are turning away from new furniture that needs carbon-emitting energy to produce. They are instead purchasing second-hand furniture that they see as more sustainable. Houzz notes that these households are not sourcing this furniture from a charity shop or junk shop – they prefer to buy high-end vintage and antique furniture.

Well-crafted antique wood furniture will last a lot longer than mass-produced, cheap flatpack furniture. Many people are looking for unique pieces that will make their rooms look original, rather than duplicate the look of someone else’s home. People are also liking the addition of antique glassware and tableware.

Another trend is to use nature-inspired colour palettes, from warm neutral colours to earthy terracotta, sage and pine shades. Wood furniture goes well with these natural colours, and antique wood furniture in a room painted in nature-inspired colours adds a luxurious, vintage feel to a home.

For people living in Lancashire, there is no shortage of fine antique furniture available from local antique dealers. Late Victorian furniture and inlaid Edwardian furniture are ideal to create a luxury vintage room design.

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