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January 9, 2014 - Filed under: Auctions — Harriet

Walnut Creek Auction Company has recently announced that antique furniture will be among the items to be auctioned from the original Kahl Home in Davenport.

The auction will feature various items for sale, from the antique furniture of the Kahl Home mansion to stainless steel kitchen equipment.

The Kahl Home for the Aged and Infirm originated in 1955, as a non-profit run by the Carmelite Sisters to care for the elderly. The facility originally housed up to 21 female residents but space became a priority as the waiting list grew.

The building was extended in 1963 to accommodate up to 128 patients, both male and female. Further work was carried out in 1987 to provide more space. A new facility was built and completed in 2012, a state of the art building with much more space. The company made the decision to auction the contents of the original home, including the mansion.

The auction will take place on 18th and 25th January, followed by a final auction on 1st February. The CEO of Walnut Creek Auctions, David Aeschliman, said that some of the furniture dates back to the 1920s while the auction will also feature almost new equipment.

It is likely that people attending the auctions will discover a bargain or two, although the final price will include a buyer’s premium. Similar items may be found at antiques dealers at a lower price, including antique dining chairs . Blackburn in the UK has a number of dealers happy to display pieces.

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