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September 12, 2011 - Filed under: Antique Chairs — Harriet

Judy Fuller, from North Bend in Oregon has an unusual collection of antique furniture which will soon be on display for the public. However, if anyone tries to sit down on one of her antique dining chairs they may get a shock, as the furniture is for a dolls house.

Fuller has spent 12 years searching for ornate specimens which are expertly crafted. Time spent at yard sales and auctions has paid off in the form of an exquisite collection of miniature antique furniture. The dollhouse furniture will be on display at North Bend public library throughout September, although about a third of it will have to be kept at home, as the display cases at the library are not large enough to contain the whole collection.

It is estimated that Fuller has spent approximately $1,000 (£626) on her collection over the years. An antique washing machine, complete with an agitator which is in good working order and a metal body, is the most valuable piece in the collection costing several hundred dollars. A group of people who attend the Celebration Center Church along with Fuller, helped her to set up the display of dollhouse furniture.

When asked why she had started a collection of dollhouse furniture, she said:

“I just thought it was really cute stuff.”

People often purchase antique furniture because they enjoy the way it looks, although people more often buy full size furniture. For advice on antique furniture, including antique dining chairs, Preston has a host of expert antique dealers that can help.

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