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October 22, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Beds — Richard

A couple in Holly, Michigan, spoke recently about buying a set of furniture that belonged to previous occupants years ago.

In a Tri-County Times report earlier this month, the couple said they were completely puzzled when a man knocked on their door and asked if they wanted to buy an antique bedroom furniture set. It turned out that the items had originally belonged to a previous owner of the house.

Once George and Diane Kullis knew the story behind the furniture, they decided that the bedroom pieces should be bought and kept in their original setting.

George Kullis has since been conducting research to discover more about the furniture. The house was built in 1868, and a family with the surname Pulmer moved into the home around 1870. The set of antique bedroom furniture, which features elaborate carving, was hand made between 1875 and 1890. The dresser has a marble top and an antique mirror, while the drawers are hand carved.

According to local archives, the last remaining child of the Plumers died in 1943 and the house, together with the contents, were sold at an estate sale. The bedroom furniture had been purchased for $600, and was eventually taken – by the nephew of the woman who bought it –back to its original home.

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