07 Mar 2021
October 19, 2020 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Harriet

The Haunting of Bly Manor is a new Netflix horror series that features a British haunted house. The interior of the manor was created on a film set and contains genuine antiques to make the rooms look authentic.

The 17th century fictional Bly Manor was constructed on a film set in Vancouver, Canada. To make the interiors look and feel like an authentic genuine Scots haunted house, set designer Patricio Farrell scoured antique shops for items. The film is set in the 1980s, so some items, such as phones and lamps, are from that period.

The set looks convincing on film, but Erin Carson of CNET, who visited the set, noticed modern screws, Velcro and cables that are hidden from viewers. When she looked up, there was no ceiling, just the usual spotlight and equipment found on every film’s sound stage.

Farrell told CNET that the cramped spaces of the manor helped create the spooky atmosphere. He said:

“Sometimes when you have this same space with a lot less light and you see a child, or someone walking alone, the scale itself makes it spooky. I’m not trying to make a spooky house.”

Television and production companies in the North West often visit Lancashire antique dealers to buy or rent antique chaise longues, chairs, sofas and other furniture for the sets of their period dramas. This means antique furniture items that you are interested in could have potentially starred in your favourite television series.

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