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A woman from Brecksville, Ohio has finally been reunited with her antique heirlooms, after waiting five years for them to be refinished. Pauline Rechichi trusted her treasured antique furniture to Michael Fowler and Chagrin Station Antiques in order to refinish an armoire dating from the 1940s and a Victorian dresser. According to Rechichi, she paid over $1200 for the work to be carried out by Fowler.

During the last five years, Pauline Rechichi has chased Fowler, and been given continuous excuses as to why he can’t return the finished items. Over the years, Rechichi has made more than 18 telephone calls to Fowler, each time being given ridiculous excuses, including the furniture is too sticky to move or not having the warehouse key. Rechichi has made claims that the antique furniture was transported to various warehouses, resulting in her eventually contacting police.

So that she could memorise the appearance of her antiques, she made a number of drawings which took hours to complete. The search for the missing furniture has taken six years of her life to finally track down and get back, with the search being described as having another job. Finally, Troubleshooter from News Channel 5 got hold of the case and worked on Rechichi’s behalf. In a combined effort, the furniture was traced to an antiques store, before being finally returned home with its rightful owner.

Renovation of antique furniture is a professional task which should only be trusted to a reliable antiques expert. A number of experts are to be found, along with antique furniture like antique desks in the Preston area of the UK.

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