07 Mar 2021
February 8, 2021 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Richard

A collection of 200 items dating from the 1740s was discovered at Over Burrows, a home in Derbyshire. Among the classic 18th and 19th century furniture was a wooden lectern used in a Harry Potter film.

The lectern was salvaged from Hardwick Hall in Doe Lea, Derbyshire. The hall was the setting for the fictional Malfoy Manor in the film “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. Harry Potter fans are expected to compete to purchase the lectern when it is sold in an auction set for April 8th.

According to the Daily Mail, the Head of Fine Arts at Hansons Auctioneers, Adrian Rathbone, said:

“I’m sure there are many Potter fans around the world would like to own an item connected to the fictional Malfoy Manor.”

If there is fierce bidding for the lectern, it could be sold for a considerable amount. However, the winning bidder will also have to pay commission and other auction-related fees.

The owner of Over Burrows is relocating and is selling their large collection of 18th and 19th century furniture. Items include a Chesterfield settee, pedestal desk, table globe, leather chairs and many tables. There is also a selection of artwork, including one piece by Palamedesz Palamedes, a 17th century Dutch painter. The collection is estimated to be worth £100,000 or more.

You are unlikely to find furniture associated with a famous film franchise at Lancashire dealers, but you will find fine 18th and 19th century antique desks, sofas and cabinets. After a purchase price has been agreed, there are no additional auction commission fees.

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