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August 5, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

Popular BBC TV programme Antiques Roadshow is due to feature an antique newspaper from 1849 that reports on an infamous murder trial. The Norwich Mercury newspaper edition, which is now obsolete, was taken along to the Antiques Roadshow by Martin George who is a reporter for the Norwich Evening News and Eastern Daily Press.

The newspaper reports on the murder of the Recorder of Norwich, Isaac Jermy. His son was also murdered as he tried to help his father, while two women at the scene were badly wounded. The trial was covered by the newspaper at the time. In addition to the antique newspaper, which is stored in the Archant archives, Martin also took the woodcut blocks which were used to print the newspaper. The team filmed an interview with Martin, who had been waiting for three hours prior to the interview, so that the story of the murder trial could be told once more.

Marc Allum, the expert who carried out the valuation, was staggered by the newspaper. Following filming of the interview for TV, Martin was given a note and was informed that he would receive a telephone call before the interview is aired. Although the programme is due to be aired later in the year, the value has not yet been disclosed.

Antiques often tell a story of someone’s life, which is why antique furniture is so popular with collectors. Items like antique desks are useful, attractive and often have an interesting past.

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