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August 24, 2011 - Filed under: Antiques on TV,Victorian Dining Chairs — Richard

Brothers Leigh and Leslie Keno have been antique enthusiasts since they were small children. Always on the look out for buried treasure, they have launched a new show of the very same name. Buried Treasure will air on Fox this week, which will feature the brothers visiting the homes of everyday people, looking for hidden treasure.

As children, Leigh and Leslie would travel with their parents to antiques shows and flea markets hoping to unearth something old and interesting. Having spent 15 years on the American series of Antiques Roadshow, the Keno brothers have become experts in antiques, skilled appraisers and authors in the subject of antiques.

The new series will feature the homes of ordinary people, who may have an antique worth thousands just sitting on their dining table, which they don’t realise. They also check the floor registers or vents of homes, just as they used to as small boys in the 1869 farmhouse where they grew up, for treasure which has been purposely hidden in the past. The brothers seek the professional advice of experts from all over the world to give their appraisal, rather than just rely on their own opinion. In fact, the Keno brothers help the owners of the antique treasures to present the object in the best way possible, to realise the true worth of the antique.

For antique lovers who are just as enthusiastic as the Keno brothers, the Lancashire area has a host of reputable antique stores, where you will find a treasure trove of antiques from jewellery and art to Victorian dining chairs and antique desks.

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