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January 30, 2017 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

A potential treasure trove has been discovered inside an antique piano in Shropshire.

The new owners of the piano discovered a collection of items made of gold, hidden inside when they decided to tune it. The owners reported the discovery to the British Museum, so that the owners, or relatives, can be traced. The piano was produced by London’s Broadwood & Sons, and experts believe that the hoard had been deliberately hidden inside the piano.

While a search is underway for the owners of the discovery, details of the items found won’t be revealed. According to Peter Reavill of the Portable Antiquities Scheme, he had never seen anything like the hoard found in the piano.

He described the objects as being “highly unusual in nature” and largely made of gold. He believes that the items had been hidden deliberately inside the piano in the last 110 years. If relatives of the person or people who put the items inside the piano are traced, they will be able to make a claim to the items. However, if no-one is traced, the find belongs to the crown.

Following extensive research, it has been revealed that the piano was originally sold to a wholesaler or music shop in Essex. In 1983, it was bought by a family living in the Saffron Walden region. Once the owners of the ‘treasure’ have been found, the owners have an antique piano which may compliment other furniture, like an antique sofa.

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