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John Ceraulo has turned a lifelong passion into a career, with his business Seacoast Antique Pickers. Ceraulo considers his business to be more of a hobby, enjoying each day searching for those hidden treasures. His time is spent driving around sales each weekend, and delving into basements and attics seeking out trash which turns out to be treasure for someone else. Ceraulo’s ambition and dream is to discover something rare, which only comes along now and then.

When he was younger, John had an interest in old items, mostly furniture. He spent a lot of the early days studying antiques online, learning how to evaluate antique furniture and dating each piece according to the distinguishing features. Ceraulo learnt about different time periods and Restoration for furniture which required repairing. Although he has spent a number of years studying antique furniture, Ceraulo admits he still feels a thrill of excitement when he is searching for something special.

Antique picking is a popular pastime for an increasing number of people, who love the beauty of antique furniture and want to invest in something valuable, while also being practical. Restoration skills are best left to professionals who have acquired many years of experience. If you enjoy searching for that special piece, try looking for furniture, including antique bookcases in Lancashire , where you will discover a number of professional antique dealers.

Ceraulo mostly looks for antique chairs, bureaus and other furniture which he displays in his home, or restores if it’s in need of restoration, before putting it up for sale.

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