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July 13, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Harriet

Tom Williams, the owner of Dayboro Shed in Australia, believes the trend for TV shows that focus on antiques is encouraging more young people to become interested. His youngest customer is only five years old. Mackenzie Beetson first showed an interest, at just 18 months old, in antique keys. Williams says that the reviving trend for antiques is due to popular shows like ‘American Pickers’ and ‘Aussie Pickers’.

Williams has been in the antiques business for 43 years and is happy to see the resurgence of interest. He mentions eBay and how the online trading site affected the antiques industry, but he also believes that TV shows demonstrate the fun to be found when sourcing antiques, rather than sitting at a computer. Visiting antiques stores is an enjoyable experience, especially for collectors of specific items of antique furniture. A reputable dealer will be able to provide some of the background to a piece, including items like antique oak partners desks . Mackenzie Beetson is the youngest collector of antiques at the Dayboro Shed, but knows what he is looking for. He now specialises in war medals and coins. To celebrate his birthday, his mum is preparing him a party featuring his collector’s items and vintage food.

Williams insists that collecting antiques gets a firm hold on a person and they are hooked. According to the Dayboro Shed owner, many women enjoy collecting items like coloured glass, furniture and china. Websites like eBay may be useful, but browsing an antiques store is much more fun.

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