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February 27, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

An antique watch has produced scintillating new evidence to suggest Lord Lucan was alive and living in South Africa in the 1980s – because what appears to be the fugitive peer’s silver wrist watch, engraved by his friends, is now in Staffordshire.

When Cedric Lincoln heard from a Birmingham friend about a valuable wristwatch he had for sale, he travelled to view it. Yet it wasn’t the Rolex Prince that caught his eye, but the distinctive, unbranded item next to it. Originally purchased from a pawn shop in South Africa, it bore the inscription:

“Presented to Lord Lucky Lucan, ‘The Old Fossil,’ by his friends at the Clermont Club, Mayfair, 18 December 1967.”

Cedric paid £5000 for the pair, little knowing he had just made possibly the most valuable purchase of his life.

Lord Lucan vanished following the murder of his children’s nanny in 1974, and was believed to have committed suicide soon after. However, for years afterwards there were tantalising reports of him being seen alive and well. Only days after Cedric got his purchase home, he watched a BBC documentary reporting that Lucan’s friends moved his children to Africa in the 1980s, so the dishonoured peer could

“look on them from afar.”

Most telling of all was a photograph showing Lucan wearing a rather distinctive-looking wristwatch remarkably like the one now sitting in Cedric’s antique desk.

In Lancashire, antique cabinets are sometimes less valuable than the items they contain. If you have an interesting timepiece, why not get it evaluated by a registered antique dealer?

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