16 Apr 2021
November 18, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Bookcases — Harriet

Fans of such period dramas as Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge may be interested in an upcoming Northumberland auction, where the contents of two country homes – some of which hasn’t been seen for decades – will be up for sale.

The items come from Bonjedward Hill, which is located in the Scottish Borders region, and Harehope Hall in Northumberland. The antiques have been stored in the cellars, attics, servants’ quarters and stables for many decades, and will be similar to furniture used on the set of Downton Abbey, giving an insight into life during Edwardian times.

Jim Railton, the auctioneer, is said to be amazed at having two house clearances of this type, as such an event is uncommon.

Railton believes that the items may be sold for around £200,000, but the outcome is unpredictable. A Georgian table which was used to serve afternoon tea has been estimated to be worth around £40,000. The Harehope Hall library has thousands of books from various genres, all to be sold at auction. Some old games have been discovered, including ‘shove ha’penny’. Unusual Russian antique furniture has also been revealed among the treasures.

The sale is expected to attract huge amounts of interest from antiques dealers, private collectors and fans of period dramas who are looking for an early Christmas gift. For those who secure some of the books in the sale, there’s a range of antique book cases in Preston originating from the same period. Anything bought at an antique dealers will also be cheaper than when sold at auction, since a buyer’s fee isn’t applied.

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